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IMAGINE (previously CERTIS) is a research group of Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC). It is part of the Laboratoire d'informatique Gaspard-Monge (LIGM), a computer science lab of Universite Paris Est (UPE). It is located close to Paris. IMAGINE is working on:
  • computer vision (in particular 3D reconstruction and scene understanding)
  • machine learning
  • optimization
Yes, we know, our web pages are somewhat outdated. They should be replaced by a new web site soon eventually...
New: open PhD positions for 2018. Please visit the positions page.

New: intership offers for spring-summer 2018. Please visit the positions page.

- Sep. 2018: Sergey Zagoruyko defends his PhD thesis.
- Dec. 2017: Amine Bourki defends his PhD thesis.
- July 2017: Yohann Salaün defends his PhD thesis.
- June 2017: Raghudeep Gadde defends his PhD thesis.
- Feb. 2017: Francisco Massa defends his PhD thesis.
- Sep. 2016: Loic Landrieu defends his PhD thesis.
- Dec. 2015: Sergey Zagoruyko, in a Facebook team, hits the 2nd place in MSCOCO detection and segmentation challenges
- June 2015: Spyros Gidaris and Nikos Komodakis get the first position on the PASCAL VOC2012 comp4 object detection leaderboard.
- June 2015: Mateusz Kozinski defends his PhD thesis.
- May 2015: Mathieu Aubry defends his PhD thesis.
- Apr. 2015: Zhe Liu defends his PhD thesis.
- Dec. 2014: Alexandre Boulch defends his PhD thesis.
- Jan. 2014: Victoria Rudakova defends her PhD thesis.
- Jan. 2014: Pierre Moulon defends his PhD thesis.
- Dec. 2013: Pascal Monasse defends his HDR.
- Oct. 2013: Oliver Collier defends his PhD thesis.
- Oct. 2013: Kick-off of ANR project Semapolis.
- Jul. 2013: Nikos Komodakis defends his HDR.
- Apr. 2013: code available for OpenMVG, an Open Multiple View Geometry library (see ICCV 2013).
- Mar. 2013: David Ok defends his PhD thesis.
- Feb. 2013: Martin de La Gorce joins the group.
- Jan. 2013: Guillaume Obozinski joins the group.
- Dec. 2012: Laetitia Comminges defends her PhD thesis.
- Sep. 2012: Nikos Komodakis joins the group.
- Sep. 2012: code available for a virtual line descriptor and a semi-local graph matching method (see BMVC 2012).
- July 2012: code available for fast and robust normal estimation for point clouds with sharp features (see SGP 2012).
- Dec. 2011: Hoang Hiep Vu defends his PhD thesis.
- Nov. 2011: Imagine wins the PRoVisG Mars 3D Challenge.

- Sep. 2011: Imagine and Nikos Paragios's group at ECP team up to form the Center for Visual Computing (CVC)
- Feb. 2011: Imagine 3D photography technology available via Acute3D emerging company
- Jun. 2010: ECCV'10 Area Chairs Colloquium in Paris. ECP/INRIA/ENPC
- May 2010: 3DPVT'10 in Paris. Imagine serves as local chair
- Jun. 2009: Award in Stereovision: Patrick Labatut has been awarded for his PhD work ("Google doctoral spotlight") at the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Miami
- Jun. 2009: Award in Learning: IMAGINE and INRIA Sequel are awarded by the best student paper award at the 22th Annual Conference on Learning Theory, Montreal
- Jun. 2009: IMAGINE is now part of the Universite Paris Est Computer Science lab, the LIGM (Laboratoire d'informatique Gaspard-Monge)
- Jan. 2009: CERTIS is now IMAGINE, a Ecole des Ponts ParisTech/CSTB joint group!
- Oct. 2008: 3D Photography gallery

- Sep. 2008: Award in Stereovision: as a co-author, Jean-Philippe Pons has been awarded by the CRS Industrial Prize at the 19th British Machine Vision Conference, Leeds.
- Jun. 2008: Award in Image Retrieval: IMAGINE research is awarded by the best paper award at the Sixth International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing, London.