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Thesis titled Model-based 3D hand pose estimation from monocular video, under the supervision of Nikos Paragios at Ecole Centrale de Paris.  Presented in December 2009, can be downloaded here

Reviewers : Dimitri Metaxas, Pascal Fua 
Examinators : Radu Patrice Horaud, Renaud Keriven, Adrien Bartoli, Bjorn Stenger 
Invited : David Fleet

Hand gestures play a fundamental role in inter-human communication. An efficient hand motion tracking system would provide natural ways of human-machine interaction in immersed environments. Data gloves could be use as input devices but are expensive while present hardware may inhibit free movements. Vision-based tracking in monocular video stream provides the most natural, non-invasive form of hand motion capture. However the design of an accurate and fast vision-based hand tracking is a difficult task and is an active search area. The aim of the PhD is to propose new efficient solutions for recovering 3D hand position in space and through time from the information provided by the video stream from a single camera.