Share With Thy Neighbors: Single-View Reconstruction by Cross-Instance Consistency

arXiv 2022

Tom Monnier1Matthew Fisher2Alexei A. Efros3Mathieu Aubry1

1LIGM, Ecole des Ponts, Univ Gustave Eiffel, CNRS
2Adobe Research3UC Berkeley

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Approaches to single-view reconstruction typically rely on viewpoint annotations, silhouettes, the absence of background, multiple views of the same instance, a template shape, or symmetry. We avoid all of these supervisions and hypotheses by leveraging explicitly the consistency between images of different object instances. As a result, our method can learn from large collections of unlabelled images depicting the same object category. Our main contributions are two approaches to leverage cross-instance consistency: (i) progressive conditioning, a training strategy to gradually specialize the model from category to instances in a curriculum learning fashion; (ii) swap reconstruction, a loss enforcing consistency between instances having similar shape or texture. Critical to the success of our method are also: our structured autoencoding architecture decomposing an image into explicit shape, texture, pose, and background; an adapted formulation of differential rendering, and; a new optimization scheme alternating between 3D and pose learning. We compare our approach, UNICORN, both on the diverse synthetic ShapeNet dataset - the classical benchmark for methods requiring multiple views as supervision - and on standard real-image benchmarks (Pascal3D+ Car, CUB-200) for which most methods require known templates and silhouette annotations. We also showcase applicability to more challenging real-world collections (CompCars, LSUN), where silhouettes are not available and images are not cropped around the object.

UNICORN 🦄 - UNsupervised cross-Instance COnsistency for 3D ReconstructioN


Structured autoencoding. Given an input, we predict parameters that are decoded into 4 factors (shape, texture, pose, background) and composed to generate the output. Progressive conditioning is represented with .

Results - 3D reconstruction from a single image

ShapeNet renderings



LSUN Motorbike

Results - Segmentation and correspondences





LSUN Motorbike










If you find this work useful for your research, please cite:
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We thank François Darmon for inspiring discussions; Robin Champenois, Romain Loiseau, Elliot Vincent for feedback on the manuscript; and Michael Niemeyer, Shubham Goel for details on the evaluation. This work was supported in part by ANR project EnHerit ANR-17-CE23-0008, project Rapid Tabasco, gifts from Adobe and HPC resources from GENCI-IDRIS (2021-AD011011697R1).

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