ANR JCJC Project CorVis

Translating Sign Language with Computer Vision

Presentation: The CorVis project (ANR-21-CE23-0003) aims to develop cutting-edge sign language translation techniques, based on recent advances in data-driven machine learning, in particular in the fields of computer vision and machine translation. Translating a sign language video into spoken language text is a challenging and unsolved problem, this project will make a step towards this goal. There will be two inter-related directions focusing on: (1) the visual input representation, i.e., how to embed a continuous video sequence to capture the signing content, (2) the model design for outputting text given video representations, i.e., how to find a mapping between the sign and spoken languages.


  • 02/2023 Open position: Postdoctoral researcher position for 2023. Deaf candidates are highly encouraged. Contact: gul.varol@enpc.fr
  • 11/2021 Open position: Research internship for 2022. Deaf candidates are highly encouraged. The position is suitable for finishing Master's students, willing to continue for a PhD.


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