Scaling the Scattering Transform: Deep Hybrid Networks
Edouard Oyallon, Eugene Belilovsky, Sergey Zagoruyko
In ICCV 2017
[arxiv] [github]
Paying More Attention to Attention: Improving the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks via Attention Transfer
Sergey Zagoruyko, Nikos Komodakis
In ICLR 2017
[arxiv] [openreview] [github] [bib]
A MultiPath Network for Object Detection
Sergey Zagoruyko, Adam Lerer, Tsung-Yi Lin, Pedro O. Pinheiro, Sam Gross, Soumith Chintala, Piotr Dollàr
In BMVC 2016
[arxiv] [github] [bib]
Wide Residual Networks
Sergey Zagoruyko, Nikos Komodakis
In BMVC 2016
[arxiv] [github page] [bib]
Depth Camera Based on Color-Coded Aperture
Vladimir Paramonov, Ivan Panchenko, Victor Bucha, Andrey Drogolyub, Sergey Zagoruyko
In CVPR 2016
Benchmarking Deep Learning Frameworks for the Classification of High Resolution Satellite Multispectral Data
Maria Vakalopoulou, Maria Papadomanolaki, Sergey Zagoruyko, Konstantinos Karantzalos
In ISPRS 2016
Learning to Compare Image Patches via Convolutional Neural Networks
Sergey Zagoruyko, Nikos Komodakis
In CVPR 2015
[arxiv] [project page] [bib]
A MRF Shape Prior for Facade Parsing with Occlusions
Mateusz Kozinski, Raghudeep Gadde, Sergey Zagoruyko, Guillaume Obozinski, Renaud Marlet
In CVPR 2015
Fast Depth Map Fusion using OpenCL
Sergey Zagoruyko, Vitaliy Chernov
In LC3D 2014