I am Théo Deprelle, a PhD candidate on graphics and deep learning from École des Ponts, Paris, in Mathieu Aubry's group. I graduated my Engineer's degree (MSc) from INSA Lyon with a major in Telecommunication. Previously I've been a visiting student at EPFL with a project in the CVLAB and an intern at the Creative Intelligence Lab of Adobe in San Francisco.


Learning elementary shape structures

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2019 webpage arXiv code


◊ Advance image processing and Deep LearningÉcole des Ponts

Spring 2019, Spring 2020 - Lab Assistant (LA)


Adobe and California

I am spending a summer in San Francisco at Adobe in the Creative Intelligence Lab where I am creating a new mesh generation method with Noam Aigermam, Vova Kim, and Eli Shechtman.

École des Ponts and Paris

After EPFL and the CVLAB, I am joining Mathieu Aubry's group in Paris for an intership, and then starting a PhD in A. I am collaborating for a year with Thibault Groueix, Matthew Fisher, Vova Kim, and Bryan Russel.


I am spending a semester at EPFL in Switzerland with the awesome Agata Mosinska and Mateusz Kosinski who teach me a lot. Together we work at the CVLAB on blood vessel segmentation on retina images.

INSA and Lyon

As an undergraduate, I am spending a semester in the Liris Lab with Christian Wolf's team to develop a image simulator capable of predicting what its robots would see when interacting with a 3D scene. Details (in french) can be find here.