Elliot Vincent


I am a first-year PhD student (expected graduation on 09/2024) in the Imagine research group at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and in the Willow team at Inria Paris. My research topics are machine learning and computer vision for remote sensing. My work currently focuses on satellite image time series and their analysis with few or no annotations for tasks such as land use classification or change detection.


I work under the supervision of Mathieu Aubry (LIGM, Ecole des Ponts, Univ Gustave Eiffel, CNRS, France) and Jean Ponce (Inria and DIENS (ENS-PSL, CNRS, Inria) and Center for Data Science, New York University).


Unsupervised Layered Image Decomposition into Object Prototypes
Tom Monnier, Elliot Vincent, Jean Ponce, Mathieu Aubry
ICCV 2021
An unsupervised learning framework to decompose images into object layers modeled as transformations of learnable sprites.
A Model You Can Hear: Audio Classification with Playable Prototypes
Romain Loiseau, Baptiste Bouvier, Yann Teytaut, Elliot Vincent, Mathieu Aubry, Loïc Landrieu
CVPR Sight and Sound Workshop 2022
We propose an audio identification model based on learnable spectral prototypes. Our model can be trained with or without supervision and reaches state-of-the-art results for speaker and instrument identification, while remaining easily interpretable.


[2016-2019]       Master in Applied Mathematics for Computer Science at École polytechnique
[Mar-Aug 2019] Internship at IBM Research Zürich on automated methods for diagram understanding
[2019-2020]       Mathematics, Vision and Learning master of the ENS and engineering program of ENPC
[Mar-Aug 2020] Research internship at Imagine and Willow on unsupervised 2D scene decomposition


- LIGM (UMR 8049), Ecole des Ponts, Univ. Gustave Eiffel, CNRS
- Inria and DIENS (ENS-PSL, CNRS, Inria)