François Darmon

PhD student at Thales LAS France and ENPC

Email: francois dot darmon at enpc dot fr

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I am a second year PhD student at IMAGINE - ENPC under the surpervision of Mathieu Aubry and Pascal Monasse. I work in collaboration with Thales LAS France. I have received an engineering degree in Applied Mathematics from Télécom Paris and a MS degree in Mathematics, Vision and Learning from ENS Paris-Saclay.

I am interested in 3D reconstruction and Deep Learning. My research focuses on combining methods from geometry and Deep Learning.



Learning to Guide Local Feature Matches

François Darmon, Mathieu Aubry and Pascal Monasse
3DV 2020 (Poster)

Paper |  Webpage |  Short video |  Long video |  Slides

RANSAC-Flow: generic two-stage image alignment

Xi Shen, François Darmon, Alexei A. Efros and Mathieu Aubry
ECCV 2020 (spotlight)

Paper | Webpage | Code | Short video | Long video | Slides