MacOS installation


Install package

Use the installer (which installs in folder /Library/Frameworks) or extract the archive package:

~Warning for MacOS Mojave users~: OpenGL support is depecrecated by Apple, install the following archive instead. You will have no 3D support and maybe a warning with Cmake, but it should proceed with no problem.

Go to Usage and check the tests.

Note: users of older versions needed the infamous IMAGINEPP_ROOT environment variable, which is no longer necessary. However, if you did not install in the expected location (/Library/Frameworks), you must indicate the path with the Imagine_DIR environment variable.

Alternative: compiling from source

Follow the same procedure as for Linux:

  1. Build
after downloading and extracting the source package:

After that, to create an installer package (Imagine.pkg), you can run the command

source <ImageSrcDir>/CMake/ Imagine++-4.3.2-Darwin-i386.tar.gz


sudo rm -rf /Library/Frameworks/Imagine.framework