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   Renaud Marlet's picture    Renaud MARLET
Associate Research Scientist (aka "chargé de recherche") at INRIA, in the SIGNES group.

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Domaine Universitaire
351, cours de la Libération
33405 Talence cedex

       Office / bureau:  211
Tel.:  +33 5 40 00 35 08
Fax:  +33 5 40 00 66 69
  Research Interests

My current research interest (since 2005) goes to natural language processing (NLP), especially to the syntax-semantics interface and to discourse analysis. Here are some more specific subjects I work on (or I have been working on):

My former main interest (before 2005) was for better ways to write better programs, i.e., how to rapidly write safer, faster and smaller programs. Please visit my "other life's web page" for details.

High-level Syntactical Formalisms
See the Mosaïque web site
Spoken Crench Corpus Transcription and Syntactic Annotation
See the Rhapsodie web site [priv]
Automatic Extraction of Itineraries in Travel Stories
See the (preliminary) ITIPY web site French flag
  Some events I am / have been involved in
Journées des ARC, ADT et AEx 2009
Co-organizer of the Journées des ARC, ADT et AEx 2009 to be held in Bordeaux, September 29th-October 1st, 2009.

Member of the organizing committee of the 21st European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2009) to be held in Bordeaux, July 20-31, 2009.

Atelier sur les formalismes syntaxiques de haut niveau 2007
Member of the program and organizing committees of a workshop on high-level syntactical formalisms [Atelier sur les formalismes syntaxiques de haut niveau] (Toulouse – June 8th, 2007), which is a satellite workshop of the TALN '07 conference.

EJC Algorithmique et Calcul Formel 2006
Organizer of the theme Natural Language Processing in the school for young scientist "Algoritmics and Symbolic Computation" [École Jeunes Chercheurs "Algorithmique et Calcul Formel"], held in Bordeaux (May 15-19th, 2006).

LACL 2005 Student Session
Co-chair and co-organizer of the student session of the LACL '05 conference (Bordeaux – April 28-30th, 2005). The proceedings are available online.
  A Few Publications and Reports (since 2005)
Rhapsodie 2019
Orthographic and phonetic transcriptions of Rhapsodie recording
A. Dister, J.-Ph. Goldman, R. Marlet
Rhapsodie – A prosodic and syntactic treebank for spoken French, chapter 2, pp.21-34, June 2019.
John Benjamins Publishing Company.

LGC 2009
annoter du des textes tu te demandes si c'est syntaxique tu vois
C. Benzitoun, A. Dister, K. Gerdes, S. Kahane, R. Marlet
Arena Romanistica, 4:16-27, 2009
28th International Conference on Lexis and Grammar (LGC 2009), Bergen, Norway, September 2009.

FG 2009
A Grammar Correction Algorithm – Deep Parsing and Minimal Corrections for a Grammar Checker
L. Clément, K. Gerdes, R. Marlet
In 14th conference on Formal Grammar (FG 2009), Bordeaux, France, July 2009.

TALN 2009
Grammaires d'erreur – correction grammaticale avec analyse profonde et proposition de corrections minimales
L. Clément, K. Gerdes, R. Marlet
In 16e conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles (TALN 2009), Senlis, France, June 2009. Poster.
[paper: PDF]

TALN 2008
Un sens logique pour les graphes sémantiques
R. Marlet
In 15e conférence sur le Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles (TALN 2008), pp. 498-507, Avignon, France, June 2008. Poster.
[paper: PDF]

GL 2007
When the Generative Lexicon meets Computational Semantics
R. Marlet
In 4th International Workshop on Generative Approaches to the Lexicon (GL 2007), Paris, France, May 2007. Poster.
[paper: PDF]

Research Report 5951
Toward a knowledge representation model dedicated to the semantic analysis of the sentence
Jules Vanier, Christian Bassac, Patrick Henry, Renaud Marlet, Christian Retoré
INRIA Research Report RR-5951, July 2006. (In French.)
[paper: PDF]

See my "other life's web page" for publications and patents concerning programming languages, software engineering & co.

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  Professional Itinerary

After my studies at the École polytechnique (1988), I left the hectic Parisian life to specialize in computer science (DEA) and software engineering (Masters) in the beautiful French Riviera (1989). During my Ph.D. (1990-1994), I worked on the semantics of programming languages and on partial evaluation in Gilles Kahn's group (CROAP) at INRIA Sophia Antipolis. I also spent a year in the LFCS at the University of Edinburgh (1993-1994). I then moved to Toulouse -- a city after my own heart -- to work for a company named Simulog, doing program analyses and transformations for reverse engineering (1994-96). Wanting more research and more fun, I joined the Compose group (1996-2000), formerly at IRISA / INRIA (Rennes) and now at LaBRI / INRIA (Bordeaux). I then worked for Trusted Logic (2000-2004) on development, safety and security issues for small embedded systems (smart cards, cell phones, payment terminals, etc.), applying research techniques to realistic data. But I have always been interested in natural languages as well, and I have now (2005-) joined the Signes group at LaBRI / INRIA (Bordeaux), to work on natural language processing. See my resume (in French) for details.

  Is There A Life After Work?

When I am not kept busy by the above topics, here is what I like:

  Where to find me (personal)
Home in Bordeaux :
35 rue neuve
33000 Bordeaux
Tel: +33 5 57 85 83 32

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