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Senior researcher (a.k.a. "directeur de recherche") at the École des Ponts ParisTech
Head of the IMAGINE Group

École des Ponts ParisTech
6, Avenue Blaise Pascal – Cité Descartes
77455 Marne-la-Vallée cedex 2 - France

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IMAGINE is a joint research group of the École des Ponts ParisTech (a.k.a. ENPC) and the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB). It is affiliated to the Gaspard Monge Computer Science Lab (LIGM) of the University Paris-Est (UPE). It has been associated with Nikos Paragios' group at Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP), within the Center for Visual Computing (CVC).

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After having worked on programming languages, software engineering, security and natural language processing, I have now turned to computer vision: I have joined the IMAGINE group in December 2009.

I am mainly working on the semantisation of 3D models reconstructed from images and laser scans, in particular for building modeling. The general idea is to use grammars to express priors for image analysis and 3D reconstruction. I am also working on lower level issues such as point and line segment matching, global calibration, normal estimation and detection of geometric primitives.


Ingénierie de la spécialisation de programmes 1
(principes et applications)

Ingénierie de la spécialisation de programmes 2
(techniques avancées)
The publisher had these books
transmogrified into English
and bundled into a single one
titled Program Specialization
Please refer to the French version if you come across inconsistencies in the English one.

Selected Publications in Computer Vision & Geometry Processing

You may also take a look at my publications in other lives, concerning natural language processing (NLP) as well as programming languages, software engineering and security.

Teaching [ Enseignement ]


Traitement de l'information et vision artificielle (TIVA) [ENPC, dépt IMI]

Vision 3D artificielle (Cachan, Master MVA)
Vision algorithmique : reconstruction 3D (VIALG) (Paris 6, Master d'informatique, spécialité IMA)

Informatique 1e année : algorithmique et programmation (ENPC)