Windows installation

Imagine++ libraries are tested with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and minGW32, for which binaries are provided through installers.

Visual Studio 2015 is free and can compile 32 and 64 bits programs. Programs compiled in 32 bits still work on Windows 64 bits.



For minGW:

For Visual Studio 2015:

Using Visual Studio instead of QtCreator

If you want to use Visual Studio instead of QtCreator as IDE:

Binary packages

The installers just extract the prebuilt files and set the environment variable Imagine_DIR. You may choose to do that manually with one of the following archives:

Extract the archive in some location, and put the full path of the Imagine++ directory in the Imagine_DIR variable (Setting variables under Windows).

Compiling from source

If you need to recompile Imagine++, follow these steps. If the process fails somewhere, please check Troubleshooting.

1. Sources

Get the sources here and decompress them.

2. Tools

You should already have Visual, CMake and Qt installed (see Requirements).


3. Imagine++

Go to Usage and check the tests.