Recent Publications

. Training Very Deep Neural Networks Without Skip-Connections. Technical report, 2017.

arxiv github

. Scaling the Scattering Transform: Deep Hybrid Networks. In ICCV, 2017.

arxiv github

. Benchmarking Deep Learning Frameworks for the Classification of High Resolution Satellite Multispectral Data. In ISPRS, 2016.

. Depth Camera Based on Color-Coded Aperture. In CVPR, 2016.


. Wide Residual Networks. In BMVC, 2016.

arxiv github

. A MultiPath Network for Object Detection. In BMVC, 2016.

arxiv github

. A MRF Shape Prior for Facade Parsing with Occlusions. In CVPR, 2015.

. Fast Depth Map Fusion using OpenCL. in LC3D, 2014.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

I will talk about weight parameterizations in modern neural networks