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Domain : 3D Learning Vision Constraint Prog. Sustain. Devel. Medical
Statistical learning
[ALT11] Competing against the best nearest neighbor filter in regression
[COLT11b] Tight conditions for consistent variable selection in high dimensional nonparametric regression
[COLT11a] Optimal aggregation of affine estimators
[AIHP11] Second-order asymptotic expansion for a non-synchronous covariation estimator
[HAL09a] Risk bounds in linear regression through PAC-Bayesian truncation
[AoS08] Fast learning rates in statistical inference through aggregation
[NIPS07] Progressive mixture rules are deviation suboptimal
[CERTIS0735] No fast exponential deviation inequalities for the progressive mixture rule
[AS06] Fast learning rates for plug-in classifiers
[JMLR07a] Combining PAC-Bayesian and generic chaining bounds
[NIPS06w] Use of variance estimation in the multi-armed bandit problem
[CERTIS0620] Fast learning rates in statistical inference through aggregation
[COLT06] A randomized online learning algorithm for better variance control
[PP05] Fast learning rates for plug-in estimators under the margin condition
[B04] Aggregated estimators and empirical complexity for least square regression
[PhD04a] PAC-Bayesian Statistical Learning Theory
[NIPS04] PAC-Bayesian Generic Chaining
[PP0401] A better variance control for PAC-Bayesian classification
[PP0402] Classification under polynomial entropy and margin assumptions and randomized estimators
[PP03] Aggregated estimators and empirical complexity for least square regression

Goodness-of-fit testing
[JMLR12] Minimax hypothesis testing for curve registration

Image Segmentation
[JCMA11] Description of random fields by means of one-point finite-conditional distributions
[ACCV09a] Transductive segmentation of textured meshes
[CVPR08a] Segmentation by transduction
[SSVM07] Towards segmentation based on a shape prior manifold
[CERTIS0627] Transductive segmentation
[CERTIS0626] Fast interactive segmentation using color and textural information

Exploration vs Exploitation
[ALT11a] Deviations of Stochastic Bandit Regret
[COLT11 ] Minimax policies for combinatorial prediction games
[HDR10] PAC-Bayesian aggregation and multi-armed bandits
[JMLR10] Regret Bounds and Minimax Policies under Partial Monitoring
[COLT10] Best Arm Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits
[AISTATS10] Regret bounds for Gaussian process bandit problems
[book_chapter] Bandit view on noisy optimization
[COLT09a] Minimax policies for adversarial and stochastic bandits
[NIPS08] Algorithms for Infinitely Many-Armed Bandits
[ICML08b] Empirical Bernstein stopping
[TCS08] Exploration-exploitation trade-off using variance estimates in multi-armed bandits
[ALT07] Tuning bandit algorithms in stochastic environments
[CERTIS0731] Variance estimates and exploration function in multi-armed bandit

Image Retrieval
[PR11] Semantic hierarchies for image annotation: a survey
[ECCV2010b] Towards Optimal Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor
[PhD10] Hiérarchies sémantiques pour l’annotation multifacette d’images
[MIR08] Semantic Lattices for Multiple Annotation of Images
[CBMI08] Object Recognition and Retrieval by Context Dependent Similarity Kernels
[CVPR08b] Manifold Learning using Robust Graph Laplacian for Interactive Image Retrieval
[ICASSP08] Interactive Image Retrieval
[TSI0718] Context-Dependent Kernel Design for Object Matching and Recognition
[ISNN07] A Particular Gaussian Mixture Model for Clustering
[CERTIS0732] Graph Laplacian for Interactive Image Retrieval
[CERTIS0730] Graph-cut transducers for relevance feedback in content based image retrieval

Sparse recovery
[HAL09b] Structured Variable Selection with Sparsity-Inducing Norms
[MLVMA09] Sparse Learning Approach to the Problem of Robust Estimation of Camera Locations
[COLT09b] Sparse Regression Learning by Aggregation and Langevin Monte-Carlo
[ML08a] Aggregation by exponential weighting, sharp oracle inequalities and sparsity

Manifold learning and denoising
[ICIP08] Normalization and Preimage Problem in Gaussian Kernel PCA

Kernel Methods
[ICML08a] Robust Matching and Recognition using Context-Dependent Kernels

Manifold learning
[JMLR08a] A new algorithm for estimating the effective dimension-reduction subspace
[NIPS07w] Toward Manifold-Adaptive Learning
[ICML07] Manifold-adaptive dimension estimation
[JMLR07b] Graph laplacians and their convergence on random neighborhood graphs
[ICML05] Intrinsic dimensionality estimation of submanifolds in R^d
[COLT05] From graphs to manifolds - weak and strong pointwise consistency of graph Laplacians

Machine and speech translation
[ICASSP07] Consensus Network Decoding For Statistical Machine Translation System Combination